Health challenges come in many forms, expressions, symptoms, and variations. No two people are the same and though they may present the same symptoms, their journey of healing may look very different from each other.

To us, a diagnosis is not really important. Just because two people have diabetes, doesn’t mean their bodies have the same requirements. At b balanced, we treat each person as an individual and let their bodies show us where the most profound imbalance occurred. We then can help the body heal itself by removing stressors, restoring depleted nutrients and giving guidance for dietary and/or lifestyle changes. Each ‘remedy’ for the return to good health is 100% customized.

Most of our clients relate to the expression “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked.” We help pinpoint the weakest link and the correct approach to support the body’s innate self-healing mechanism.

There is no condition that cannot be improved. Think about it: Our bodies renew all the time and when we change the genetic expression by supporting the body with the best fuel there is (proper nutrients), remove toxins and emotional triggers, health can only get better. We help everybody who has the desire to improve their life and is willing to commit to the journey. We cannot predict how long it will take to heal; too many factors play a role in it.

However, we can predict that everybody will improve and feel better as long as they do their part by following the recommendations.

The information shared on this site is not intended to diagnose, cure, prescribe or treat any disease or ailment; nor is it intended as a replacement for medical treatment or consultation. This includes both express & implied claims by all members & users of the site. It is only intended to enhance your knowledge or general interest & is offered as an alternative & complimentary source of information. In all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your natural or conventional medical physician, and consult them with any questions you may have.