San Diego Nutritionist

Birgit Witherspoon has a Master’s Degree in Domestic Science & Health, and certifications in Holistic Health Counseling and a handful of other disciplines. She is a dedicated San Diego Nutritionist whose goal is to better your health naturally. Birgit takes a holistic approach to healthy living because good health is more than just food and exercise. To be happy and balanced, you need healthy relationships, a career or goals, and time for leisure and spiritual growth. As a nutritionist, Birgit understands that healthy eating is very important, but food alone does not make a complete person: you need emotional well being, mindfulness and more.

San Diego Nutritionist

Food and Nutrition Guidelines

The HHS and USCA provide nutritional advice and dietary guidelines for Americans. However, as a nutritionist, Birgit believes that people are not all the same. Your diet should be customized to your activity level and your biology. There is no one-size-fits-all diet that will make everyone look and feel wonderful. Birgit’s methodology takes into consideration your physical, emotional, and psychological state. For example, it may be OK to “cheat” a little and enjoy a treat that is not in your diet. Looking at the big picture, the holistic view, the pleasure you receive from a small treat may be better for you than adhering to a draconian diet. It’s all about balance.

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