All of us have memories of experiences in our childhood, even if we are not anymore aware of them. These experiences have emotional responses attached. In the body, these responses can be measured as neurochemicals and are called Information Substances.

To simplify: negative emotions as response to stress are stored in our cells and may interfere with normal processes in the body preventing well-being. Anger, grief, fear, worry, etc. can express seemingly out of the blue often letting us wonder why we reacted this way. Anything that reminds our subconscious mind of those past experiences can trigger an emotion, thus putting stress on the body.

Emotional Trigger Release is a powerful stress reduction and/or elimination process. It is ideal for someone who is uncomfortable or unable to talk about negative experiences but seeks relief in a different way than through drugs.

  • Emotional Trigger Release transforms unwanted, painful emotions to feelings of peace, comfort, and control from your first hour.
  • An internal and confidential process, you do not have to share intimate or personal details of your experience.
  • Unwanted behaviors, fears, and feelings are quickly released in stages, replaced by intentional, powerful, dependable feelings stored in your hands and body.
  • We help positive changes to occur naturally and permanently in your physical and emotional life.

A healthier and happier life is just a session away.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary mini session ($25 deposit required). One session might change your life!

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