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Why cleanse?

These days people ask me why I do cleanses; I seem to be so healthy…

Yes, I am healthy and I want to keep it this way. So I make good choices and bi-annually cleanses are in my tool box of good habits.

Our body is capable of removing many toxins every night, given we sleep well and long enough. However, our life has become quite dirty: fertilizer and pesticide residues in our food, 200+ chemicals in our water, air pollution, chemicals in our households and on our skin, etc. etc. Needless to say, our body appreciates a little help with the cleanup.

Here are three reasons why I cleanse at this time of year:

  1. To eliminate any potential illness that may be stored in the body by either flushing out excesses or by improving organ function. Grapes are good cleansers, harmonizers and tonics for the lungs and large intestines.
  2. To help the body adjust quicker to the change in season in order to remove excess heat. Excess heat will dry out the body and in return it will make more mucus which is a perfect breeding ground for cold and flu causing pathogens because the good microbes (immune boosting) dry out as well and can’t defend the body. Apples, water melon and pomegranate are natural cleansers for liver, blood and intestines.
  3. To boost energy. Green vegetables, sprouts and pears are great energy boosters.

It is not enough to put on or take off a sweater when the seasons turn. Our body requires more to change with the seasons if we want to keep it strong and healthy. In the summer we eat a lot of foods that are easy to digest and our body doesn’t have to work as hard on digestion as in the colder seasons when we need heavier foods to keep us warm and comfortable. A fall cleanse prepares the body to step up digestion for winter. Go ahead, give it a try!

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