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What is Health?

The other day I saw a write-up about health in a chiropractor’s office and it occurred to me that many people have a big misconception about it.

Most people will say that health is the absence of symptoms. If they don’t feel sick, they must be healthy. It would be nice were it this easy. Our bodies are very resilient and put up with a lot before they let us know that something is wrong.

When we start noticing symptoms we are not at the beginning of a disease or imbalance but already quite down the road to degeneration. Something starts to go wrong a little it’s not a big deal. If we don’t correct it, it builds up and intensifies sometimes causing even other issues. Eventually we will feel something, i.e. pain that indicates we are not at our best stage of health.

So, if health is NOT the absence of symptoms then what is it?

Health is the presence of coordinated proper functioning of all parts of the body.

This means that there needs to be wholeness in structure: all parts need to be present. And there has to be wholeness in function: each part is coordinated with all other parts. The innate intelligence of the body uses communication between the brain and the nervous system to control and coordinate bodily functions and to keep us healthy.

In my practice, I often find that this communication is corrupted. The nervous system is confused and can’t get feedback about body conditions to the brain and therefore the brain cannot give proper instructions to keep things working smoothly. Restoring the communication system by finding the barriers and helping the body remove them means in most cases instant relief and improved health.

Many people have forgotten what it feels like to be healthy. As things start breaking down we adjust. We think it is temporary and feel OK with that state of being. With every step on the down-hill spiral we adjust again and again always “feeling OK”.

I am sometimes looked at as if I am from a foreign planet when I say that we should feel great all the time. If we don’t, it’s time to take some action and to find out why the body isn’t performing at its best. Believe me, you can feel absolutely fabulous all the time!

Some money and time spent now when we still feel OK makes much more sense than spending a lot of time and a lot of money when things are bad, when we have symptoms or worse when we have ignored them. In the long run it is much cheaper and quality of life will be much higher.

You’ve heard it before: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I encourage you to “take a look”: Do you really feel great or have you adjusted along the way? If you adjusted, ask yourself how much longer you want to continue feeling like that knowing it won’t go away.

I hope you’ll take care of your body. If not, where will you live?

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