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I was experiencing a sharp pain in my side below my ribs for about 12 days before I came in to see Birgit. I followed her recommendations and all pain stopped in about 24 hours and I have had no pain since. ~ Glenne S.


In one week I’m calmer and less fidgety. I also haven’t had any migraines. This is just one week after entering the program! I’m also sleeping much better! ~ Anitha H.


After just three visits my bloating has noticeably decreased and I feel more energy. ~ Umberto V.


Since I have been in the program, I have no problem falling asleep and I sleep through the night. ~ Martha A.


My child is hyperactive and suffers from ADD. It would take him weeks to learn the 2’s, 3’s and 4’s time tables. After being on the nutritional program his handwriting, math and behavior have greatly improved. He learned the 6’s, 7’s and 8’s in one day! ~ Jane B.


I came to Birgit with an overall complaint of not feeling as well as I should for my healthy habits. Within 10 days on her program, I felt better. My back pain is gone, I’m sleeping better and best of all, my friends tell me that I don’t look puffy anymore. Yay! My body is working much better. Thanks! ~ Jill M.


As the Co-director of Golden Rose, it is very important for me to stay balanced and energetically sound. Adding Nutrition Response Testing to my healing regimen has made a significant difference in my energy level and mental clarity. My 6th chakra is shining brighter than ever! I whole heartedly endorse and recommend both the technique and the practitioner, Birgit Witherspoon. ~ Aimee J.


I’m a week into the program and my hot flashes have stopped! I now have a normal sleep cycle and I started to lose weight without feeling hungry or having cravings for sweets. My cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically to the like of my doctor. Overall I feel great and have more energy. ~ Mary S.


I started the Nutrition Response Testing Program with the complaint that I could not lose weight and my blood sugar had risen above 200. I have lost 2 1/2 inches around my waist and 12 lbs and my cholesterol is normal. ~ Dave J.


After working with Birgit for only two weeks, I no longer have any nausea. I lived with constant nausea for 15 years and now it’s gone! I also have energy and do the things a normal person does. Before I would stay in bed all day not being able to move. I am so excited about my new found health. My mental outlook has improved also. Thank you Birgit! ~ Marva B.


When I first came to Birgit I was tired, stressed out, frantic, confused, overweight and generally felt bad. I am in my 6th month of working with Birgit and absolutely all of that has changed. Even though I still have a lot of stress in my life, my ability to cope has much improved. I feel more clear headed and awake. I am significantly more focused. The constant and thorough attention that I receive from Birgit has made it possible for me to change my bad habits and develop improvement in all areas of my life. I have lost weight and replaced fat with muscle. I feel better about myself than I have ever before. This service in invaluable. I wish I had found it much sooner. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better. ~ Aimee J.


After 6 weeks I feel fine. I have lost 20 lbs and am sleeping much better. ~ John F.


I felt self-conscious, sluggish and like everything I was doing wasn’t helping me lose the weight. Birgit is a great support, teacher and coach. Her knowledge has helped me reach my weight loss goals and maintain a 100+ lbs pound weight loss. ~ Melissa F.


I was over being fat. I was always tired and felt gross after I ate. I wanted to enjoy life. I have tried lots of dieting, which never worked for me. After doing the program with Birgit I felt like a new person. I lost 44 lbs in no time and feel great! I have more strength and energy and my attitude toward life changed as well as my attitude for food. I now understand food as nutrients for my body rather than eating just to eat. ~ Christy W.


The Holidays were over, my son was almost nine months old and I had reached a point where I was physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally ready to lose weight and start getting fit. I had horrible habits of emotional over-eating and was secretly, completely fixated on junk-food. In addition to wanting to be genuinely healthy for myself, I also knew that my son would be watching and learning from me and I wanted the best for both of us.
Birgit Witherspoon was that “best.” She understands that health, weight-loss and just general well-being depend on a combination of factors, and that each person is unique. Not only is she perceptive, and a great listener, but she is resourceful and driven to find solutions. With Birgit’s patient support and guidance I have lost 2 pant sizes over the past month and a half. I have lost almost all my extra baby-weight. I feel lighter. My skin looks better than it ever has. I also feel smarter about what I choose to put into my body, and have learned a new lifestyle. Much to my surprise, IT IS EASY to be balanced!!!!!  ~ Michelle S.


One year after the program! I have many friends who did “diets” and gained back weight. Well, still over a year later, I’m going strong. From a then size 18 to now a size 6. Love this program! ~ Sabrina G.
I suddenly started getting fruit allergies in my 20’s. I don’t really know what caused it but all of a sudden every fruit I ate made my mouth itch and if I continued to eat it I would throw it back up. Finally I just gave up and stopped eating fruit. Meeting Birgit has been wonderful! She has helped me so much. She has been able to pinpoint whatever it is that has been causing these reactions and for the first time in 15 years I’ve been able to eat my favorite fruit – a banana! Thanks so much Birgit – You are the BEST!! ~ Monica V.


First, how I feel: in a word, GREAT! I’d describe it as feeling energetically relaxed, since I don’t have that slightly “anxious” caffeine high feeling. Next, what I’ve lost at the beginning of day 6: 4.6 pounds. Last, thanks for managing this program and providing good daily updates and encouragement… they help keep my health goals readily present and easily accessible and also provide that “connection” for encouragement and support in case I have questions. I’m excited to continue! Many Blessings ~ Kathi C.


I could not sleep through the night and woke up tired. But after three weeks on the program I am sleeping like a baby. Oh, and my hair is growing back and it is shiny. I feel good! ~ Aurora R.


As a new mommy-to-be (five months pregnant) I wasn’t quite sure what to do to prepare my diet for the arrival of the new baby. All I know is that I was feeling exhausted constantly and having fainting spells regularly and so far my doctors were unsure and not at all curious about the cause. Upon beginning my six month program with Birgit, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I have never been over weight and have always led an active lifestyle. The program Birgit established for me was neither a diet plan nor a schedule of activities, instead, it was a new way of eating and thinking about food. Instead of taking all of the extra iron pills prescribed by my doctors, I was able to bring the needed iron into my diet through healthy foods. Birgit inquired about my entire family history and actually used the information to assist me in my personal physical struggles. While enduring undiagnosed pains in my joints, the doctors recommended the use of strong pain medications like Vicodin and the like. Birgit researched my pains in conjunction with the foods I was eating most often and my family history and suggested that I may have a tendency towards arthritis. Thanks to Birgit, I will not have to fall prey to such a debilitating disease. I can start the prevention process now by making some changes to my diet and deciding to change my destiny. In the beginning, some of the changes were very difficult, but after a week or so of eating differently and thinking differently, my appetite and desire for certain foods changed and it became easier to incorporate foods that were more beneficial to my health and well being. I have been enlightened in a way that I never imagined through the six month process with Birgit. I look at food and what it does for me in a completely different way. Each day I choose my menu and now the menu for my precious darling with care and attention to what our bodies need most. I will forever be appreciative for the lessons learned and the lifestyle change. Thank you Birgit for opening my eyes to simple healing found naturally in food. ~ Desiree W.


Birgit has changed my life by helping me regain and maintain my life’s BALANCE. She has taught me that balance is ever-changing, not stagnant. I have always had a goal of creating a balanced life with my career, family/friends, spirituality and health/fitness. Life becomes so hectic and maintaining the delicate balance in a healthy way is a challenge. The tools Birgit provided to me have allowed me to “go with the flow” of life and create a goal-oriented, positive and healthy life for myself. I am even preparing healthier, whole foods – and it is easier than I thought! I absolutely LOVE Quinoa! I am grateful for her guidance and support and would recommend b balanced to anyone who is seeking a unique and special way to realize their true potential through a healthy and balanced life. ~ Melissa D.


My name is Dean Koci, I am a financial advisor, and an enormous fan of Birgit’s. I met her through the Chamber of Commerce & decided to do an initial meeting with her because of my interest in improving my eating habits as well as getting a 5th opinion on all the eating fads that are out there. I was incredibly impressed an hour later as I had shared many of my struggles, had numerous “a- ha ” moments & really felt encouraged that time with Birgit would be time & money well spent. 6 months later I still agree. She has helped me find the right diet for me- I went from being a “junk food vegan” to happily eating a well balanced diet that fits within my beliefs. Many agents at my company spend much more than I spend on Birgit to get coaching, but with her I went from being one of the lowest producers in my company to being the top in my class. Even more of an unexpected blessing, was the “balance” in all aspects of life she has helped me find. I am more productive, I have more free time, & enjoy all my activities more including work, charity, relationships, & even a little down time (a new concept for this workaholic). I would recommend that everyone sit down with her to see what she has to offer & can’t encourage you enough to go through her program.  ~ Dean K.


Birgit and her program helped me in many ways.  She helped me to realize that it was not only the foods I was eating that contributed to my problems, but also how I felt about myself.  Through her cooking seminars, I actually got to taste new and tasty foods. I learned that by focusing on a “diet” you are forgetting to create a plan of eating that will stay with you forever.  Food should be enjoyed, so by awakening your taste buds and putting the emphasis on eating a variety of healthy and delicious food, you are helping your body to utilize the nutrients you are consuming.  Through this program I learned what made me crave certain foods and how to overcome those cravings.  I learned that it was important to care about myself and therefore give myself permission to become a priority in a busy schedule.  I learned to take a break and appreciate all the good things in my life and to understand more about what kind of person I really was.  I learned that we eat for many more reasons than merely being hungry!!  I feel very lucky to have found Birgit and her program and feel I am making progress toward my ideal weight.   But more importantly, Birgit helped me understand why I gain weight and that food is only part of the solution. The information and positive energy she shared was a wonderful gift.  I highly recommend Birgit Witherspoon and her b balanced program. ~ Pamela M.


Phenomenal! After just 4 sessions, I started using the Somatic Intuitive Training in any stressful situation. I always have been a nervous and anxious wreck when I went to see the dentist. But now I use my anchor and am absolutely relaxed! This has changed my life and it is SO easy to do! ~ Bee W.


With your program I was able to transform my fears and anxiety into positive feelings. I feel empowered. ~ Hanna B.


My work stress is tremendously reduced since I started Somatic Intuitive Training. What would drive me nuts, now often makes me laugh! I love that it is so simple and that I can use it in other situations as well. Now I like going to work and I love life! Thank you, Birgit. ~ Summer J.


My entire family was involved and it was so much fun! We didn’t know that there is so much to learn about food and that its preparation doesn’t have to take hours. With Birgit’s help we found a new way of taking care of ourselves. We now have dinners at home that are delicious and we save a lot of money, too! ~ Chris H.


What a blast! I didn’t think I could enjoy food shopping and preparing foods for myself. The pantry makeover and shopping excursion were an eye opener. I now fix dinners in no time and enjoy that I do something great for my health. ~ Liz C.


This program is a must for people looking for a “quick fix”. I realize there is no silver bullet, but Birgit certainly got me jump started. I make better choices for myself and have healthy foods in the house. ~ Eugene P.