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Somatic Intuitive Training™



Somatic:            Relating to or affecting the body
Intuitive:            Listening for your inner signals and wisdom, readily learned and understood
Training:            Learning to create, store, trust and use positive emotions and helpful states.

The skill, knowledge or experience acquired by one that learns.


Somatic Intuitive Training™ is a powerful stress reduction and/or elimination process. It is ideal for someone who is uncomfortable or unable to talk about negative experiences, but seeks relief in a different way than through drugs.


  • ‘Somatic Intuitive Training transforms unwanted, painful emotions to feelings of peace, comfort and control from your first hour.
  • Your body learns to create, store and recall positive responses, when you need them.
  • An internal and confidential process, you do not have to share intimate or personal details of your experience.
  • Unwanted behaviors, fears and feelings are quickly released in stages, replaced by intentional, powerful, dependable feelings stored in your hands and body.
  • Together, you and your practitioner help positive changes occur naturally and permanently in your physical and emotional life. Guaranteed!’ ~ Lance Ware, Co-Founder of Institute for Sacred Integrative Somatherapies

Once you become skilled in Somatic Intuitive Training you will be able to master any situation with calmness and peace for the rest of your life. Many people report a level of proficiency after 8-12 sessions.


Somatic Intuitive Training™ equals Rapid Relief and Recovery


Contact us to schedule your complimentary mini session ($25 deposit required). One session might change your life!