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How to do a cleanse

It seems ‘everybody’ talks about cleansing. So it came as a surprise when people asked me how to cleanse.

There are different ways of cleansing and not all are suited for everybody. To name just a few, there is juicing, smoothies, raw, 2-phase cleanses etc. etc.

My last cleanse was a juice cleanse. In the strictest way that means all you take in for 3-10 days is juice; freshly made juice from veggies and fruit. I do not own a juicer. I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the cost for a good one. We have a Vitamix  in the house and that suits us just fine for cleansing, even a juice cleanse, which then theoretically becomes a smoothie cleanse. Fine, all I can say is it works just as nicely and I like getting some bulk (fiber). Again if you want to be very strict, all you take in is smoothies.

I do my big 2-phase cleanse (21 days) in spring and live a pretty clean life throughout the year. Therefore, my fall cleanse is just a short one, usually 3-5 days. I found the hardest for me is not to eat/chew anything and to have only cold food. Therefore I do a combination cleanse. I have smoothies for breakfast and lunch, raw veggies as snacks and steamed veggies for dinner. This way all my needs are met.

I am in favor of finding what works for a person. We are all different and thus have different needs. I always test whether someone is suited for a cleanse at all because we need to have a certain level of health to make it work right. Another important point is to take in enough food. I am not a fan of being hungry when cleansing. The body should always get adequate amounts of nutrients to be satisfied and that means eating/drinking more often during cleansing.

A cleanse goes along way and is enhanced when combined with sauna, body brushing, exercise and breathing exercises to detoxify all body systems and on all levels. This often means that ‘emotional dirt’ comes up and is released. Not to worry, those are emotions and or thinking patterns that don’t serve us anymore and it is a good thing to let them go.

When finishing a cleanse it is important to do it gently. I like adding in soups, then light protein for a day or two while still drinking a smoothie a day. Slowly warm food takes over and the digestive system can easily adjust to the new demands. It is now ready for the heavier winter foods that keep us warm and cozy.

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