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B balanced is about improving lives naturally to look better, feel better and be better. Birgit’s focus is on helping people who are frustrated with their trial and error experience striving to improve their health.

What is health? It definitely is not the absence of symptoms. Our bodies are very resilient and put up with a lot before they let us know that something is wrong. When we start noticing symptoms we are not at the beginning of a disease or imbalance but already quite down the road to degeneration.

Health is the presence of coordinated proper functioning of all parts of the body = each part of the body needs to communicate with the other parts and they all need to work together.

The usual picture however often looks a lot different. Communication is corrupted and the body strains to keep everything working smoothly. After awhile we experience symptoms and have no idea how we got to this point.

Here is how it happens: We always adjust and feel “OK”. As our health spirals further down we adjust again, and again we feel “OK”. This goes on and on until we finally say enough is enough. By then the system may be so out of sync that medicine has a hard time connecting the dots.

Health is such an individual thing that one approach certainly does not fit all. After all we are all individuals. And usually drugs are not a good answer either. A holistic approach where the bigger picture counts often brings better results than a method that regards a single puzzle piece only.

The body is a self-healing mechanism and given the right replacement parts it can correct imbalances and restore itself to good health. At b balanced we find the missing links and provide customized solutions to

  • Look better – When the body receives what it needs, it becomes vibrant
  • Feel better – When the body repairs itself, the feeling of true well-being returns
  • Be better – When the body restores, excellent performance is common

Vibrant health is your birth right and it is never too late to recover it.

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